Travel Struggles: Ways to Pack Light, Every Time

Many travellers and aspiring jetsetters have the day-old struggle of trying to pack light but never succeeding. Albeit difficult at first, it’s essential to master the skill of bringing a small bag and only packing what you need.

Overstuffing a bag has many downsides. For one, heavy bags are difficult to carry – especially if you’re going on a trip with many different destinations. There’s a reason backpackers live their lives out of a backpack for an extended amount of time!

When you’re travelling, especially if you’re trying to save money, large and heavy bags can incur additional fees. Additionally, having to check your bags will always run the risk of the airline losing your baggage (but we sure hope this doesn’t happen!).

Many seasoned travellers recommend fitting their essentials into a carry-on and heading on their merry way. We recognize this may not always be possible, but bringing the smallest bag you can will benefit you in the long run!


If you can pack everything you need into a carry-on, you can also maximize what airlines refer to as a “personal item.” This typically constitutes a purse, laptop, or small backpack. Pack any must-haves in your favourite oversized purse or backpack for a little extra space!

Bring The Essentials

We stand by the notion to pack the “must-haves”, not the “just in case.” When thinking about what you might need during your trip, write down what you will genuinely need during the day-to-day.

“What if?” statements only bring about a state of anxiety and worry. Chances are, those situations you’ve conjured up in your head will rarely happen. So, only pack the stuff you know you’ll use.


When you pick out clothes, pack for a week. If you’re going for longer, dryer sheets and wrinkle releaser are great additions to keep your clothes smelling and looking fresh. Longer trips typically involve laundry services, so no need to stress if something gets dirty.

Packing lighter fabrics is generally preferable to save space and weight, but the destination usually dictates whether or not this is feasible. You can also try rolling your clothes rather than folding them, or investing in packing cubes to save space.


Shoes are essential to keep your trip comfortable and enjoyable. Think about what you expect to be doing while travelling. Sandals and ballet flats are the lightest and easiest to slip into a bag, but they may not give you the best support if you’re doing a lot of walking.

If you need to bring running shoes or boots, we recommend wearing heavier pairs while you’re in transit. Make your feet do the heavy lifting!


We recognize the need to feel fresh and clean while travelling, especially if you have long flights, train, or bus rides. Most hotels will provide you with the basics to clean up, including shampoo, conditioner, and soap. However, we understand wanting to bring a little taste of home with you.

Solid shampoos, conditioners, and bars of soap are lighter and easier to transport than liquids, and you can cut them to bring just the right amount. Plus, they cut down on plastic! Travel-sized bottles are also convenient and can be refilled with your favourite brands!

For hygiene on-the-go, bringing some baby wipes in a plastic zipper bag are great for a quick refresh, especially while you’re in transit.


In the current climate, bringing your cell phone with you is almost a must. Keeping your charger and earbuds coiled properly can keep them from getting tangled amidst your other belongings.

If you like to read or are packing for a relaxing vacation, an e-reader or tablet can carry thousands of books at a fraction of the weight and size. Additionally, you can download various travel apps to store important information!

So, How Do You Pack Light?

We think we’ve covered the basics. So, we’ve highlighted the important things to remember when you’re packing:

  • Only pack your “must-haves”
  • Take advantage of the “personal item”
  • Pack for a week
  • Wear your heavier shoes
  • Downsize the toiletries
  • Try an e-reader

At Immersa Travels, we are here to help you have the experience of a lifetime. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any travel-related inquiries!


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