Culture Passport

Culture Passport

The Culture Passport is your pocket guide to making the most of a new country. With comprehensive information, useful maps, writing prompts, and space to note some of your most significant memories, the Culture Passport is your ticket to an elevated trip.



With helpful excerpts and places to log information, you can use the Culture Passport to help you make the most of your trip. We’ve curated the pages that you need to make your adventure run smoothly. From communication to keeping track of your excursions, we’ve worked hard to provide a  comprehensive booklet to keep your journey organized.  At Immersa Travels, our number 1 goal is to give you everything you need for a trip you’ll never forget. The Culture Passport is your itinerary, your translator, and your recipe book to keep everything you learned during your trip alive long after returning home.  In your Culture Book, you’ll find:

  • Information for your trip
  • A helpful packing list
  • A map to keep track of your destinations
  • A calendar to note your excursions and dates of travel
  • Important words & phrases you’ve learned to make communication easier
  • Writing prompts to put some of your most memorable adventures in words
  • A space to let your new friends write little messages and contact information
  • A place to write down some unforgettable hotspots and destinations you visited
  • Recipe cards for you to write down your favourite dishes from cooking classes
  • 4 sections so you can use the journal for multiple trips


With Immersa Travels, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime. With the Culture Passport, you’ll never forget it.


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