How to Extend Your Vacation (& Why You Should Do It)

Have you ever been on an amazing trip that is coming to an end and find yourself wishing you could stay a few more days? Well, we have to. The bright side? There are plenty of ways to make your vacation feel like it lasts a little longer, from literally extending your trip to adopting […]

Why Certain Countries Rely on Tourism

What is Tourism? As defined by the World Tourism Negotiation, tourism is “a social, cultural, and economic phenomenon which entails the movement of people to countries or places outside their usual environment for personal or professional purposes.”   Tourism has been the driving force for many developing countries, allowing them economic freedom and the ability […]

Travel Struggles: Ways to Pack Light, Every Time

Many travellers and aspiring jetsetters have the day-old struggle of trying to pack light but never succeeding. Albeit difficult at first, it’s essential to master the skill of bringing a small bag and only packing what you need. Overstuffing a bag has many downsides. For one, heavy bags are difficult to carry – especially if […]