Kenya: A Rich History & Delicious Cuisine

A Brief History of Kenya Some of the earliest fossilized hominids have been found in Kenya, dating back millions of years. The country is categorized into 3 main geographical regions; tropical lowlands along the coast, fertile highlands and vast savannahs throughout the middle, and a varied landscape made up of mountains, gorges, and lakes to […]

How to Stay Environmentally Friendly While Travelling

Eco-friendly living is important to integrate into our daily lives to leave a smaller footprint and help repair the Earth. There are many steps you can take during typical day to day activities to reduce your carbon footprint, but travelling it can be a bit different. So, what does eco-friendly travel mean? Although some may […]

Four Ways to Experience a New Culture

Once you’ve chosen the destination of your next adventure, the next big decisions you’ll make are about what you’ll do once you arrive. While it might be easier to choose experiences directed at tourists, you might want to consider a different route. No matter where you end up, immersing yourself in the culture of your […]