Immerse Yourself in Something New


There are many reasons to be drawn to the unknown. Experiencing new things can be rejuvenating, eye-opening, and educational. Travel can enrich your life by introducing you to people, places, and experiences you may have never thought possible. It has been discussed that travel can help you overcome mental challenges and provide personal growth opportunities. Immersing yourself in an unfamiliar place will expand your mind, open your heart, and nourish your soul.

About Immersa Travels


Immersa Travels is a company built around the shared love for encountering the unknown. Generic experiences have their merits, but we wanted to design adventures that help our tour-goers feel alive. Going solo creates various limits for the inexperienced but enthusiastic traveller, and commercial tours and party trips have created a specific niche for aspiring globetrotters. Immersa Travel offers the convenience of travelling with a group and the ability to connect with other adventure-seekers through unique, guided tours.
From Vision to Reality

When Immersa Travel was started, the goal was to offer a contemporary take on group travel, an adventure that provides the convenience of a pre-planned tour with the magic of an authentic experience. We focus our trips on 4 main components:

Language Learning

We give our travellers the language basics necessary to engage with locals they meet
along the way. For the most genuine experience, interaction with the people that live and breathe the culture you visit is paramount.

Cooking Classes

Our travellers are taught by locals how to make traditional, hearty meals using locally-sourced ingredients and spices. An online recipe cannot replicate techniques and cooking methods taught in these classes. Additionally, when possible, we incorporate regional wines and cocktails for a well-rounded and pleasurable experience.


We want our tour-goers to absorb as much as they can while on their trip. Additionally, we give the option to volunteer in a sector our attendees feel most connected with. Tour-goers can select from 3 volunteer options: Humanitarian, Environmental, Animal Interaction

Traditional Activities

Depending on the destination, our travellers are welcome to take part in traditional activities commonly enjoyed by locals. These can involve festivals, celebrations, ceremonies, and other genuinely amazing experiences we strongly encourage taking part in.

Supporting Local Economies

A portion of the trip cost goes towards your volunteer organization of choice. Additionally, we hire local guides to provide the most authentic experience, supporting the local economy of our designated destinations. Our trips are geared towards young adults that like adventure, staying up late, and making new friends wherever they go. We truly want to provide an unforgettable experience with friends you’ll never forget.